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Professional Shuttle Service

The Camper Iceland rental Station is based approximately 5 minutes away from the international Airport (KEF). That’s where you will land and enter our beautiful country. 

You can now benefit by pre-booking your transportation between the Airport and Camper Iceland. We have cooperated with one of the oldest Taxi Brands in Iceland and gained wonderful experience. Aðalstöðin has operated over 70 years in our region and knows the way around. They take you straight to us without a detour.

Benefits of Pre-Booking

We want to inspire you to pre-book our shuttle service to avoid getting lost in space once you are in Iceland. If you pre-book the shuttle you just pull your voucher from your bag and read the instructions on it. Easy as pie!

In a nutshell

There are two shuttle services available for you. The VIP Shuttle means that someone will be waiting for you once you enter Iceland. The “normal” shuttle service is for a lower budget and means that instead of someone waiting for you at the airport you simply go to a specific area inside the airport, call the shuttle number and the driver comes to you.


The international Airport is based in Keflavík and belongs to the Reykjanes area. A common mistake is to think the Airport is in Reykjavik but similar to other international airports it’s not even close. Examples would be the Airport in Zürich is actually in Kloten approx.10 Km away. The Airport in London is not in London but 40 miles to Stansted, 50 miles to Luton and so forth. The small Airport in Reykjavik is only used for national flights. 

Are you in Reykjavik or need to go there?

No worries, we have the solution. Camper Iceland does not deliver motor homes or Campers to Reykjavik. The reason is that experience has shown that it is smarter to pick up the vehicle at the rental station in case you want to leave your luggage behind, get more or fewer extras or get an instruction on how to operate the vehicle. We offer a shuttle service between the Capital (Reykjavik) and our rental station in Keflavik.

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